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From Missouri Conservationist: Apr 2012

All about angling

In this month’s Conservationist (March), World Class Fishing [Note to Our Readers] and The Lure of Fishing were a pleasure to read and made me proud to be a Missouri fisherman. Fishing the cool, clean Ozark streams here in Missouri is one of my passions. I feel I am truly blessed to have a Conservation Department so dedicated to the state of Missouri and its outdoor resources and activities.

Brian Curran, via Internet

I am unable to find the free fishing application for my phone that was mentioned in your magazine [The Lure of Fishing; Page 9]. Can you tell me the name of it, please, so I can download it?

Adam Blanch, via Internet

Editors’ note: You can search your phone’s app store for Find MO Fish, or visit mdc.mo.gov/node/15421 to learn more.

Many thanks for the beautiful Conservationist with the lovely redbud blossoms on the cover [March] and the precious photo of Johnny Morris and daughter on the back. I thoroughly enjoyed Larry R. Beckett’s Big Game Fishing; I almost felt as if I were in the boat with them.

Doris McCann, St. Louis

Facebook questions

Do you think the winter we had, or lack-thereof, will put the bass and crappie into an earlier spawn?

Brian Hardwick

MDC: That is quite possible because spawning is triggered by water temperatures. Largemouth bass respond to surface water temperatures around 682 degrees, and crappie begin spawning at around 60 to 62 degrees. When we begin our weekly fishing reports in April, surface water temperatures are part of the data that will be included. I found some false/red morels today. Does that mean the edibles are close to popping?

Reece Strawn

MDC: It is a bit early because morels usually begin appearing in early April. Our mild winter may prompt a bit of an early showing. Here is a link to interesting info on Munchable Morels, including when and where you can find them: mdc.mo.gov/node/4220.

I apparently managed to misplace my heritage card. Anyone know how I can get it replaced?

Paul Boxdorfer

MDC: You can order a replacement Heritage Card from any vendor where fishing and hunting permits are sold. They will collect a $2 replacement fee and enter the request for the replacement card. You will receive the replacement card in the mail. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery. You can also order the replacement card by calling 1-800-392-4115 or visiting mdc.mo.gov/node/9258. There is an additional $2 fee for telephone or $1 fee for Internet orders.


In the March issue, Page 7, Did You Know? segment included incorrect dates under “Trout Parks.” It should have read: “Mark your calendar to be at Roaring River’s events on Saturday, May 19, and Saturday, Aug. 18. Montauk’s events are scheduled for Saturday, 5, and Saturday, Aug. 4. Bennett Springs’ event is scheduled for Saturday, May 5, and Maramec Spring’s event is scheduled for May 19.”

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