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From Missouri Conservationist: Nov 2011

Aiming for the future

Thank you, Rebecca, for writing an article that hit the bull’s-eye about MDC’s shooting ranges—a subject that is near and dear to my family [September; Page 14].

We frequent the Jay Henges Shooting Range for many reasons but mostly because our children are members of the Team Henges Trap Shooting Team. We have used all aspects of the range over the years, never to be disappointed. From Hunter Education classes to sighting in for deer season, and now shooting trap, the entire staff of employees and volunteers are professional, informative and excited to work with you. It’s always safety first, followed closely with instruction and topped off with a friendly hand extended.

We don’t just learn gun and bow skills at the MDC ranges; we learn life skills. The greatest of these lessons is RESPECT, respect for the weapons we are using and respect for the other person standing next to us at the range. It is respect that is conveyed by each and every person at Jay Henges who wears an MDC patch on their shirt.

Mike & Virginia Young, House Springs

From Rolla to Kuwait

I am an Army Reservist and was deployed to Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, in February 2010, in support of operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. In the building where I worked, there was a table where packages from various organizations and U.S. citizens were placed for any soldier to take. One day as I was looking at the items on the table, I noticed a Missouri Conservationist magazine and, being from Missouri, I picked it up and took it with me to read. I noticed on the back that the person who donated the magazine was a lady from Rolla and that’s where I lived. Coincidence? Perhaps, but I was a bit excited to say the least

Military men and women are voracious readers and will read just about anything. I read the magazine through and then went back to look at the credits page listing who the folks were who worked on the magazine and at the Missouri Department of Conservation. Then I went online and requested a subscription for me and the kids’ magazine for my kids. It was one of the things I really looked forward to each month when my wife would send a care package.

The Missouri Conservationist makes an impact even in countries on the other side of the world. Thanks for the good work and the opportunity to read about Missouri wildlife and conservation efforts. Unfortunately, I left that particular Conservationist magazine in Kuwait when I redeployed, so I do not have the lady’s name who sent it, but I would like to tell her thanks! Her gift brought joy to a deployed soldier.

Chad Pense, Rolla


My wife and I moved to our house in 2009, and we held a July 4 BBQ to celebrate the occasion. Mid-evening I was alerted by my father to this “thing” crawling up the sidewalk. What was it? At the time, I referred to it as “The Crawmom,” as it appeared to be a female crawdad carrying her young up the sidewalk! We were perplexed as to why and how a crawdad was that far away from a body of water.

Sadly, this past spring, I found her body in my yard, seemingly passed away from old age. However, I think that one of her young still occupies the den under our front-yard flowerbed as the entrance is always freshly cleaned out. Also, if you come out at mid-evening, you can see what looks like a head pulling itself back into the den.

Thank you for the August issue and for clearing up my family’s two-year curiosity! [Prairie Crayfish; Page 28] I am amazed almost daily at the wildlife in Missouri, and the joy it brings to my family. The citizens of this state sure are lucky to have a free publication.

Gardner J. C. Cole, Columbia

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