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From Missouri Conservationist: Mar 2010

A Real Gem

I just finished the January issue and the photos and Three Gems article by David Stonner were wonderful. I believe Mr. Stonner represents the true heart of everything the MDC has and is trying to achieve for Missourians. In addition to his duties for the Conservationist, he was kind enough to furnish a wealth of data and information for a research paper my daughter wrote on the limnology of Lake of the Ozarks, after many other sources failed. This is a man who loves his work and it is a great asset to the MDC and a credit to our state.

George F. Koob, Ellisville

I lived in St. François County for 32 years, and enjoyed the state parks located in Iron, Madison, and Reynolds counties. Taum Saulk Mountain and Johnson Shut-Ins are my favorites. I moved to Jefferson County three years ago and have been extremely homesick. I enjoyed the article and can now add Pickle Springs and Hickory Canyons to my list of parks to visit. The pictures included in the article are magnificent. I want to commend the Department for a wonderful publication. Thank you for continuing to support and care for our wildlife and natural beauty.

Lorie Kurtz, Hillsboro

We just got back from visiting the Lon Sanders Canyon in Piedmont. It was beautiful and worth the trip! On several occasions, we’ve visited Amidon CA to visit the Castor River Shut-Ins. That location is another gem in our great conservation system.

We’ve been to Pickle Springs several times, though it has been a while. We haven’t visited Hickory Canyon yet, but I’m sure we’ll get around to it. Even around the metropolitan area of St. Louis, we enjoy the various conservation areas. We enjoy taking photos of the beauty that surrounds us.

Our state is truly top of the line for those of us that enjoy the natural beauty our state has to offer under the Department’s stewardship. I just wanted to say thank you to all the dedicated, hard working, caring people that make up the Missouri Conservation Department.

Sharon Spear, Arnold

Bunnies and Beagles

When I read Bunny on the Run on Page 26 of the January issue I was surprised, as just a few days before I took my 3-year-old grandson, Wyatt, on a walk in the city park. It was after we had all of the snow, and he really enjoyed looking for rabbit tracks. He was tickled when we found one place where the rabbits were “going to the bathroom.” I really enjoy reading your magazine.

Margaret Bradshaw, Harrisonville, MO

I loved the photo of the beagles in the field. The article was very good, also. However, I need to correct you about beagles being “plodders.” There are some folks who enjoy the slower beagles, but many of us enjoy the beagles who run the rabbits at a fast pace and really push the cottontails back to “point A.” I have owned and run beagles since 1959, and though I don’t shoot guns, I love the beagles’ voices, love the fast chase, and enjoy sitting on a knoll where I can watch the bunny fly past me, and back into the thickets whence she came.

Jaye Wright, Wright-Eager Beagle, Holts Summit

Fitting Thanks

Just finished reading Mark Goodwin’s wonderful story about fishing with his dad and old friend [February; Page 16] . My dad has been gone for six years now, but this story brought back so many memories of him. From the time I was in grade school, he regularly took me and my siblings fishing. By the time I was in junior high school, I knew how to clean whatever type of fish we caught. That time spent with my dad was priceless.

Rita Summers, Jefferson City

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