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From Missouri Conservationist: Dec 2008

Gracious fans

I was awed by the pictures in the State of Grace article in the September magazine. It makes me so proud to be a Missourian. Some of the sites pictured are part of my family’s memory bank. And I’m very impressed by the talent of Noppadol Paothong and David Stonner. Thanks for the wonderful views of our state.

Mary Lee Chivetta, Ballwin

Through the years, I’ve consistently admired the photos in the Conservationist, but I never expressed my appreciation. It’s time. Congratulations on the outstanding September issue, with its excellent cover, contents page photo, and State of Grace essay. I definitely enjoyed the comments by the photographers.

Kathy O’Neill, via Internet

Thank you very much for including the camera settings in your articles and photos submitted by your photographers Noppadol Paothong and David Stonner. As an amateur photographer myself, I find them helpful.

Esther Schulz, Fenton

Tea-time companion

I just pulled the October Conservationist out of my mailbox. Every time it arrives, I get a hot cup of tea and read from cover to cover! My husband’s parents live in Ash Grove, and his dad sends the magazine to us in Denver, Colo. My sons duck hunt, fish and also love to check out the hunting articles. My passion is the horticulture info you provide. Every issue is wonderful! The picture of the gray tree frog is awesome [Reader Photo: Sticky Fingers]. Adam, your photograph is excellent, keep up the good work! Someday you may be the photo expert for this magazine!

Kathie Norris, Denver, Colo.

Caught in a Pickle

I have always known Missourians were a unique bunch, having been born and raised in St. Francois County. However, Page 11 of the October issue of Conservationist has achieved the impossible. How on earth did you move the 180 acres of Pickle Springs Natural Area from south of St. Louis to east of Kansas City as indicated on the small green outline of the state? Just kidding.

I really enjoy your magazine. I have many fond memories of hunting, fishing and camping in the 1940s and several times since while visiting relatives. You will find my name appearing on the list of nonresident fishing permits on many occasions.

Ted Henderson, Oak Harbor, Wash.

Editors’ note: We failed to move the icon from the previous month’s location. We regret any confusion this might have caused.

Fall turkey, cont.

Mr. Goodwin: I liked your Missouri’s October Turkey Season article in the October issue. Were you the one who experienced this? If not you, who did? I appreciate that you explained what fall turkey season is. I’ve shot a turkey before, but not in the fall. You’ve shown me the difference between spring and fall turkey season.

Matt Cruse, via Internet

Editors’ note: “All the situations in that article are about things that happened to me while turkey hunting. It’s a sport I’ll never grow tired of. Have fun turkey hunting. And if you tag one, try that recipe for turkey legs and thighs. I think you will enjoy it.”—Mark Goodwin

Correction: The author of the Fall Turkey letter in the October issue was not mentioned. The letter should have been attributed to Mike Reed of Jackson.

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