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From Missouri Conservationist: Dec 2007

Trail Guide

Rocky Falls

  • Trails: Access to more than 300 miles of the Ozark Trail
  • Unique features: 40-foot cascade
  • Contact by phone: (573) 323-4236
  • Detailed information: see links listed below.

Rocky Falls, of Highway NN, 9 miles southeast of Eminence, is one of Missouri’s most scenic spots and a great place to stretch your legs and waken your senses on a winter day. Stunning views of water cascading 40 feet over pink and purple porphyry (a type of igneous rock) are accessible by car. For a more challenging outing, you can reach the falls via the Current River Section of the Ozark Trail. Picnicking, day hiking and nature viewing all are available within sight of the falls. The area’s stark beauty makes it a favorite haunt of nature photographers. Rocky Falls belongs to the National Park Service. It is part of Stegall Mountain Natural Area, which boasts igneous glades and forests. These are some of the oldest landforms on earth. Facilities include a parking lot and picnic area with barbecue grates. For information about the Ozark Trail, call (573) 786-2065 or see links listed below

Holiday Happenings

It’s a natural celebration at Runge CNC.

Holiday Happenings is a December tradition at Runge Conservation Nature Center. The three-day open house has something for all ages, including guided trail walks, naturalist programs, games, crafts, live music, storytellers and relaxing in front of the fireplace while watching birds, squirrels, deer, turkeys and other animals in the wildlife viewing area. Holiday Happenings runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Dec. 27–29. Celebrate the season naturally at the nature center on Highway 179 between Highway 50 and Truman Boulevard in Jefferson City.

Catch ’em While They’re Cold

Trout parks are a great escape in winter.

It’s time for winter fishing at Missouri’s four trout parks. The winter season allows catch-and-release fishing from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. Friday through Monday, starting the second weekend in November and continuing through the second weekend in February. The only permits needed are a fishing permit and a statewide trout permit. The same permits allow anglers to catch and keep trout all year in many public trout streams outside the parks.

For more information about winter fishing at trout parks, call:

  • Bennett Spring Fish Hatchery, Lebanon, (417) 532-4418
  • Maramec Spring Fish Hatchery, St. James, (573) 265-7801
  • Montauk Fish Hatchery, Salem, (573) 548-2585
  • Roaring River Fish Hatchery, Cassville, (417) 847-2430.

Information about Missouri’s diverse trout fishing opportunities is found in the free Missouri Trout Fishing, available from MDC, Missouri Trout Fishing, P.O. Box 180, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0180, or by e-mailing

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