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Our family has read the magazine for generations. The November cover prompted me to exclaim, “Now that’s my Missouri!” Your magazine encourages all to be good stewards of the gifts offered us each day.

Andrea Dalton Rau Washington


We loved reading your October issue. Your magazines are all very interesting. Your topics and photographs are the best.

As soon as we receive your magazines we cannot wait to read them. After taking our time to read your articles, we take outdated copies to nearby doctor’s offices, retirement centers, and even to local businesses.

Jerry and Stephanie Dandridge Family via email


I was thrilled to read Larry Archer’s article on the successful efforts taken to restore Missouri’s wetlands (Wetland Restoration, November, Page 22). I’m confident that working with nature will bring immeasurable long-term benefits to Missourians and the ecosystem that far outweighs the previous mentality of building levees in the futile effort to hold back natural elements. I’m very encouraged knowing we have men and women at MDC working in unison with local community planners, performing outstanding work to make a brighter future for Missouri. I can only hope that other states are taking similar initiatives.

Paul Dreher via email


I used inspiration from Nature’s Holiday Decor this past Thanksgiving and Christmas (November, Page 16). I made several wooden stars with greenery for friends and found a place for the antlers we collected. The Conservationist continues to address its diverse audience.

Sally and Bill Frederick via email


I came across this poor fellow on a hike with my dog. It was very sad and disturbing, but a perfect example of why people should dispose of their trash properly and not litter.

Dave Kammer Mehlville

Trash in nature is harmful to wildlife. But, you can lend a helping hand! When you’re outdoors, leave no trash behind. Include a small sack with your outdoor gear and use it to pick up trash you may find along the way. Leave nature better than how you found it. —the editors


I love the Missouri Conservationist. It’s a wonderful magazine with exceptional photography and articles. I feel blessed to live in a state that offers so much outdoor opportunity, and makes conservation of our resources a priority.

Floating the Eleven Point River, we spotted an eagle’s nest high above the river. As a child, it was a rarity to spot a bald eagle in the state. Now, I see them on almost all my float trips, as well as the occasional soaring eagle near my home in St. Louis.

David Breitenfeld St. Louis

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