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Fantastic Feb

I really enjoyed the February issue of Missouri Conservationist. The articles on flying squirrels, black bears, and shed antlers were well written, informative, and entertaining.

Tom Quinn, Mehlville

Flying Into Your Heart

I enjoyed reading Taking the Nightshift in the February issue about flying squirrels [Page 10]. In September, we discovered a flying squirrel had taken up residence in one of our birdhouses and had four babies. The opening into the birdhouse was only slightly larger than a quarter!

Teresa Walleman, Barnett

I really liked your article on flying squirrels in February’s Missouri Conservationist. Several years ago, I went out on our second-story deck where I had bird feeders hanging. It was dusk, but light enough I could see. I heard a noise and saw an animal on one of the bird feeders. Then it left in a sort of flying jump, but it did not hit the ground. It sort of swooped up toward a tree. It had to be a flying squirrel. I knew nothing about them, including the fact that Missouri has a population of them.

Barbara Reish, Kirbyville

Your February publication featuring flying squirrels was certainly a nostalgic odyssey to my childhood. I appreciated your feature for its comprehensive coverage, fun facts, and excellent photography providing much needed exposure for this little-known forest dweller.

Glenn Pesta, LaBarque Creek

Seize the Day

Thank you for your informative, stimulating, and educational publication. There is something for everyone each month. I was particularly moved by the picture on the back of the February 2021 issue, not only for the charming picture of the ring-billed gull, but for the inspirational words captioned below it. So many opportunities every day to enjoy, appreciate, and manage nature if we just seize the day!

Cathy Zinkel, Mexico

Up Front

I’m a 71-year-old retiree, and I’ve read the Missouri Conservationist for decades. I’m not an outdoor girl and don’t pretend to be. But I appreciate nature and all the mystery and beauty we receive from it.

Your Up Front column is the very first article I read. I love it. I always find the words uplifting, almost spiritual in a way. You’re a wonderful representative to our great state for conservation. And a great representative for women and girls of all ages.

Donna Sasser, Springfield

I Want My Conservationist

We have been looking at children’s books with my 1-year-old granddaughter, Ravenna. But when she saw her first Missouri Conservationist, she was so drawn to it with its animal photos that she no longer desires to look at her children’s books. She can’t wait for the next one to arrive.

Brad Ziegler, Union

If she loves Missouri Conservationist, she’ll love Xplor, our children’s magazine, available free to Missouri residents at —The Editors.

From MO to FL

My father, Carey Weller, who lives in Cape Fair on Table Rock Lake, loves your magazine so much he also subscribes for both me and my brother who live out of state. My brother and I look forward to our monthly magazines. We also look forward to one day living on Table Rock Lake, so the education we learn from your magazine truly does help. Thank you for educating us so we have knowledge of the land, the wildlife, and its resources for the future of our family.

Jason Weller, Naples, FL

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