Waterfowl: Where to Hunt


Where Can I Hunt Waterfowl in Missouri?

Private Property

In Missouri, anyone with the appropriate permits can hunt waterfowl on private land with the owner's permission.

State Land

Intensively Managed Wetland Conservation Areas (reservation required)

Some of the best public waterfowl hunting opportunities are found on the MDC’s 15 intensively managed wetlands. To prevent overcrowding, these areas have draw procedures in place to allocate limited hunting opportunities. 

Open Hunting Areas (no reservation required)

Open hunting areas allow waterfowl hunting, without a reservation, at any time during the waterfowl season. These areas are not as intensively managed for their wetland habitat, so they can be a little more unpredictable. Waterfowl may or may not be using the area, but there’s no line, and no reservation needed!

Federal Land

Waterfowl hunting is permitted on some federal lands and national wildlife refuges. Drawing procedures may be in place. Please check individual areas for their regulations and procedures. 


Explore all the conservation areas with waterfowl hunting opportunities.


Blind draws for the Upper Mississippi Conservation Area restricted waterfowl hunting zone are conducted online every other year.


These hunts are an effort to increase waterfowl hunting opportunities in the St. Louis Region.