LaMotte Sandstone Barrens

Points of Interest:

  • See ancient gnarled post and blackjack oaks seemingly growing from sandstone rock.
  • Look for the exquisitely camouflaged lichen grasshopper on the lichen studded rocks.

Natural Features:

This area is formed on outcrops of LaMotte sandstone, a geologic formation formed in the Cambrian period over 550 million years ago. These exposed rocks are covered with extensive lichens and mosses with scattered patches of vascular plants.

Some of the interesting plants found here include fame flower, which stores moisture in succulent leaves. All creatures making a living on this glade have developed mechanisms to tolerate or avoid the hot, dry conditions. Some wildflowers such as lance-leaved coreopsis, yellow star grass and potato dwarf dandelion bloom and set seed in the spring when moisture is still available on the glades. Other species such as Willdenow’s croton have narrow leaves covered with hairs that help prevent moisture loss.

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MO Department of Natural Resources
Hawn State Park
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This natural area is within Hawn State Park. No developed hiking trails provide access. Inquire at the park office for directions. From the intersection of highways 67 and 32 in Farmington, take Highway 32 east for 12.5 miles and turn south onto Highway 144. Travel 3 miles south on Highway 144 to the park entrance. Follow the main park road to the park office.

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POINT (-90.234053 37.837967)
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MO Department of Natural Resources

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