Marshall (Amary Lake)

Amary Lake (formerly known as Marshall Habilitation Center Lake) is a 12-acre lake owned and maintained by the City of Marshall. Amary Lake is a productive lake with a healthy bass population. This lake is located just North of the city of Marshall on Lincoln Avenue which crosses over the lake. The lake offers a scenic, quiet setting close to town for anglers, picnic-goers, and folks that just want to get outside and enjoy the tranquil lake setting. The lake also has several fishing jetties and a fishing dock for added fishing opportunities. There is a gravel boat ramp on the main part of the lake for boats powered by electric motors only.

Amary Lake is managed by the City of Marshall. For more details, call the City of Marshall at 660-886-7128.
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  • Sunday, 04:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 04:00 AM - 10:00 PM
From Highway 240/Hwy 41 Junction go east on Hwy 240 approximately 1.5 miles, turn south on N Lincoln Ave for about mile and Amary Lake will be on both sides of the road.
For more information call
(573) 815-7900
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9607 - 3CSR 10-11 - 130 Vehicles, Bicycles, Horses, and Horseback Riding

3CSR 10-11
Rule Number
130 Vehicles, Bicycles, Horses, and Horseback Riding


Unless otherwise posted, bicycles, including electric bicycles as defined in the Missouri Wildlife Code (Chapter 20- Definitions), are allowed on roads open to vehicular traffic and service roads (designated in the online conservation atlas). Bicycles must stay on roads open to vehicular traffic or service roads, or on multi-use trails posted as open to bicycles.   Bicycle use is not allowed on service roads passing through designated natural areas (designated in the online conservation atlas). Groups of 10 or more people using bicycles on a department area must obtain a special use permit. Special use permits should be requested at least 30 days in advance at: SpecialUsePermit.

  • Fishing

    • Sunfish
    • Catfish
    • Black Bass
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