In-School Programs


Free Science Programs

The Missouri Department of Conservation is offering programs at Missouri schools within
the Kansas City Metro. Programs align with Missouri learning standards.

Offered October—December 2020 only, to these school districts:

  • Belton
  • Center
  • Grandview
  • Hickman Mills
  • Kansas City Public Schools
  • Kansas City Charter
  • Liberty
  • North Kansas City
  • Park Hill
  • Raytown

If you are in the Independence, Blue Springs or Lee’s Summit districts please contact Burr Oak Woods Nature Center at 816-228-3766 for programs offered in your districts.

If you have any questions with any off site programs you may contact Steve Jacobsen.

To schedule a visit to your school, please contact Kathy Kottemann at 816-759-7305 Ext. 1126.


Programs for Grades K-2

What Kind Are You?

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS1.A.1, 1.LS3.A.1

There are a variety of animal families in Missouri. The differences between them make each family unique. Hands-on interactive activities in this program will highlight those characteristics. Students will also have a chance to get up close and personal with a Discovery Center animal ambassador! (60 program time, allow extra time for set up and tear down.)

Seeds to Trees

Missouri Learning Standards: K.PS1.A.1, K.LS1.C.1, K.ESS1.B.1, K.ESS2.E.1, K.ESS3.A.1, 1.LS3.A.1, 1.ETS1.A.1,1. ETS1.B.1, 2.ETS1.A.1, 2.ETS1.B1

From seed to sapling to mighty oak, trees change through the seasons and the years. Through this hands-on interactive program, students will understand the lifecycle of a tree and will explore different ways to identify trees; from nuts to fruits to leaves and the different resources they provide. (60-minute program time, allow extra time for set up and tear down.)


Programs for Grades 3-5

M.A.D. Wildlife (Migratory. Active. Dormant.)

Missouri Learning Standards: 3.LS3.B.1, 3.LS3.C.1, 3.LS3.D.1, 14.LS1.A.1, 5.LS1.A.1, 5.LS2.B.1, 5.ESS1.B.1

Winter is coming, but first there is fall
The year is full of changes, but that is not all
With cues, specialized structures and survival traits, too
We all have something special to help us survive, what about you?

Seasonal changes affect the behavior of plants and animals, including people. Winter is one of the most stressful times of the year for most organisms and where we see the most  adaptations. Students will participate in activities to learn how plants and animals survive during these major changes and why organisms behave the way that they do in their specific ecosystem. (60 minute program time, allow extra time for set up and tear down.)

Dissect and Discover!

Missouri Learning Standards: 3.LS3.B.1, 3.LS3.C.1, 4.LS1.A.1, 5.PS3.D.1

Owls are a unique nocturnal bird. Through hands-on activities, students will learn about owls and the specialized structures they use for survival. Students will become wildlife biologists as they dissect and examine regurgitated sanitized owl pellets, discovering the diet of this predaceous raptor! (60-minute program time, allow extra time for set up and tear down.)