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Outdoor Holiday Activities

Dec 21, 2020

Wondering how to safely spend the holidays this winter?  Heading outdoors can be healthy and fun.  The winter sun helps us soak up Vitamin D which helps with bone health and disease prevention.  It also helps mentally and creatively. 

A winter hike or scavenger hunt will work off calories and entertain the senses. Kids can be entertained by making and hanging bird friendly garlands or pinecone bird feeders.  If there’s snow, look for animal tracks or make snow ice cream.

Go eagle watching near open waters or take a night walk, listening for owls, coyotes and other animals.  

Outdoor picnics or backyard campfires will freshen things up and help with cabin fever.  

Stay safe while out by dressing in layers, bringing water, and watching the weather.

After the holidays, recycling live Christmas trees to backyards or ponds help create habitat for wildlife and fish.  

Check out more ideas for winter activities.

See how to make a pinecone bird feeder.

Happy Holidays!

030916 runge snow walk-49.jpg

Runge Nature Center
Runge Nature Center

MO DOC-2020-DNN Dec Wk 4 Holiday Activities-MDOC2012-LF04.mp3

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010710 hickory canyons snow-8.jpg

Hickory Canyon snow
Hickory Canyon in winter

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