Wildlife Management

Browse the following habitat requirements and management techniques for several popular species of wildlife. Most of the management practices recommended for these species also will benefit songbirds, frogs, toads, salamanders, turtles, and other species that are essential to the balance of nature. The presence of these other species on your land further enriches your outdoor experiences, and they can provide evidence that you are on the right track with your management.

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Quail/Pheasant Management

Want to increase quail and pheasant populations on your property? Make sure you provide proper cover throughout the year

Rabbit Management

The average-size Missouri farm and many recreational properties have plenty of room for rabbit management. 

Squirrel Management

You can increase the number of squirrels on most lands. Certain practices, such as installing den boxes, give prompt results. Others require several years to take effect.

Turkey Management

Turkeys usually thrive in areas with a diversity of plant species that provide an array of food and cover. In these situations, turkeys are able to meet their various needs for nesting, brood rearing, roosting, and feeding all within a relatively small area.

Deer Management

Deer live in timbered areas, especially at the borders of clearings, where they obtain the variety of foods they prefer.

Dove Management

Many Missouri landowners enjoy hunting mourning doves and consider their habitat needs when planting and harvesting crops. 


Many species of waterfowl spend at least part of their lives in the wetlands of Missouri. Learn how to manage your land for geese and dabbling, diving, and wood ducks. 

Backyard Birds

You can watch your favorite birds at home by establishing bird-feeding stations and planting certain flowers. 


Honeybees are not the only pollinators in Missouri. Learn about different pollinators and how you can attract them to your property.

Nuisance & Problem Species

If you care about Missouri’s crops and wildlife, please do what you can to identify, prevent and control the spread of exotic invasive species.

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