Mountain lion recovering from sedative
The mountain lion trapped by a private individual in Reynolds County Jan. 4 is seen here recovering from sedatives.

Young male mountain lion trapped, released in Reynolds County

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Jan 05, 2012

CENTERVILLE–The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has examined and released a male mountain lion trapped by a private citizen in Reynolds County.

Reynolds County Commissioner Wayne Henson called Conservation Agent Eric Long this morning and reported catching the 122-pound mountain lion on Wednesday. Henson said the cat entered a large, cage-type live trap that he set on Mark Twain National Forest land to catch bobcats, coyotes, raccoons and other mammals.

Henson brought the mountain lion, still alive and in the cage trap, to Centerville this morning. Agent Long and MDC Resource Scientist Jeff Beringer took possession of the animal and transported it to Current River Conservation Area, where Beringer could examine the animal without disturbance. After weighing and measuring the cat and collecting DNA, Beringer released it to the wild, in keeping with MDC’s established policy for such cases.

Beringer estimated the cat’s age at 2 years. He said it was in excellent physical condition and showed no signs of having been held in captivity.

All wildlife is protected under the provisions of the Wildlife Code of Missouri. However, the Code provides for the taking of wildlife during prescribed hunting and trapping seasons and under other circumstances, such as when mountain lions are attacking or killing livestock or domestic animals or threatening human safety. MDC has not stocked mountain lions in Missouri and has no plans to do so.

MDC wants to learn more about mountain lions in the Show-Me State and encourages Missourians to report sightings to the Mountain Lion Response Team at

-Jim Low-


Mountain Lion Sedated in Trap
Sedated in Trap
The mountain lion trapped by a private individual in Reynolds County Jan. 4 is shown here in the trap.


Mountain Lion Release
Mountain Lion Release
The mountain lion trapped by a private individual in Reynolds County is seen here recovering from a sedative prior to its release.


Mountain Lion Paw
Mountain Lion Paw
This photo of the Reynolds County mountain lion's paw shows how the shape of the large rear pad differs from that of a dog.


Photo of bald eagle perched on a branch
Bald Eagle Perched
A mature bald eagle is unmistakable with its dark brown body, yellow bill, and white head and tail.

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