Woodland and Glade Restoration Workshop to be held Aug. 21 near Sullivan

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Franklin County, Mo. — Landowners who want to improve glades and woodlands on their property will have the opportunity to learn from natural resource experts at a Woodland and Glade Restoration Workshop scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 21, from 5-8 p.m. The workshop will be held at the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Long Ridge Conservation Area north of Sullivan in Franklin County.

Glades are areas of shallow soil and open bedrock that are exposed to sunlight. They support a variety of drought-tolerant grasses and forbs. Plants and animals that are found nowhere else in Missouri flourish in glades.

Woodlands are noted for having a more open canopy and sparsely-spaced trees than forests. Beneath this exposed understory thrives a wealth of unique grasses, forbs and sedges.

Both natural systems were historically common to Missouri, but are now becoming increasingly rare.

The Woodland and Glade Restoration Workshop is designed to work with landowners and help them sustain healthy wildlife on their lands. It will define and describe glades and woodlands in detail. Participants will also acquire practical techniques to effectively thin trees and open habitat. The workshop will cover ways in which cultivating these natural systems can benefit landowners by welcoming more diverse species of wildflowers, quail, and songbirds to their property.

The Glade and Woodland Restoration Workshop is free and will be taught by resource professionals from MDC, Quail Forever, and the USDA. Advanced registration is required by calling 636-399-8733.

To reach Long Ridge Conservation Area from Sullivan, take Route AF north 6 miles. At the end of Route AF, continue on Ridge Road to the area.