Shooting range on Little Indian Creek Conservation Area to shut down temporarily May 21 for improvements

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SULLIVAN, Mo. — The unstaffed shooting range located on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Little Indian Creek Conservation Area in Washington County will close Monday, May 21, through Thursday, June 7, to perform upgrades.  The exact length of the closure may vary depending on weather conditions.  The rest of the conservation area will remain open to the public during this time. 

MDC work crews plan to perform a number of improvements to the range.  These include replacing concrete sidewalks around the target holders and installing ballistic rubber to the leading edge of the concrete to enhance safety.  They will also regrade the area around the sidewalks. In addition, crews will take the opportunity to completely reface the backstops.

The Little Indian Creek Range features single projectile ranges at 25- and 50-yards designed for use with ammunition less than a .50 caliber center fire rifle cartridge.  Rapid and automatic firing is not permitted.  Little Indian Creek also has a shotgun field for clay target shooters.

The range is typically open one half hour before sunrise to one half hour after sunset.  It closes each Monday so that routine maintenance may be performed.  There is no fee charged to use the range. 

The Little Indian Creek Conservation Area Shooting Range is located east of Sullivan and can be reached via the area’s south entrance.  From I-44, take Highway 185 south seven miles, then Route A east six miles to the area sign.

During the closure, area shooters can visit MDC’s unstaffed shooting range on the Huzzah Conservation Area, which can be reached by taking the I-44 Leasburg exit and taking Route H south five miles.