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Mar 05, 2014

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – In the midst of current trends of stone-age diets and organic meals, primitive tools and skills are on the rise as well.

“It’s incredible to think that cordless drills existed thousands of years ago,” said Sara Turner, manager of the Missouir Department of Conservation's (MDC) Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center. “We rely so heavily on electricity and modern comforts, but people seem to be more and more curious of how to do things without electricity.”

Turner said the Primitive Skills event is structured as an open house, where visitors can drop by on Saturday, March 15, to explore the topic between 1 and 4 p.m. She said attendees can try their hand at historic pump drills, making cordage, making hand tools from cane, and other primitive skills.

“Resourcefulness is on the rise,” Turner said. “But beyond the popular trend, it’s important that we consider the skills that were necessary to the people who lived here before us.”

She said learning about primitive skills teaches modern day conservationists about how the land was worked and how native plants and wildlife were historically used as resources.

“This look back in history strengthens our connection to the land and builds our knowledge of how to continue to conserve our fish, forests and wildlife in modern times,” Turner said.

No registration is required for this free and fun event and all ages are welcome to attend. More information about this and other programs can be found online at or by calling (573) 290-5218.


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