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JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.–Everything you ever wanted to know about waterfowl hunting and conservation in Missouri, and quite a bit you never dreamed of, has been gathered into one book, and that book now is on sale at locations statewide, by phone or online.

Waterfowl Hunting and Wetland Conservation in Missouri - A Model of Collaboration is the result of a collaboration between the Missouri Conservation Heritage Foundation, the Missouri Department of Conservation, the Conservation Federation of Missouri, Ducks Unlimited (DU), Bass Pro Shops, and dozens of other conservation and hunting organizations. The 480-page coffee-table book is an exhaustive compendium of every aspect of waterfowl conservation and hunting in Missouri, plus Show-Me State conservationists’ international efforts.

The authors, including many nationally renowned waterfowl biologists and wetland managers, donated their services to produce the book. It is divided into sections covering the evolution of the Missouri model of waterfowl and wetland conservation, distinctive regional differences in Missouri’s wetland resources, Show-Me waterfowl hunting history and lore, and the future of waterfowl conservation. This is a must-have addition to the library of anyone who is intrigued with the history of decoys and calls, market hunters’ punt guns the size of small canon, legendary duck hunters and retrievers, the continuing saga of private duck clubs, or waterfowl art.

Even the appendices of Waterfowl Hunting and Wetland Conservation in Missouri are interesting reading for duck hunters. Appendix subjects include:

  • · A timeline of changes in waterfowl hunting seasons from 1865 to the present
  • · Maps showing duck hunting zones from 1977 to the present
  • · Maps showing where ducks and geese shot by hunters in Missouri were originally banded
  • · A table listing duck hunting season dates and lengths and bag limits from 1902 through 2013

The countless illustrations range from historic photos from the Conservation Department and DU archives and stunning nature photos to wildlife art spanning a century, all blended in an artful overall design.

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