MDC’s e-Permits let hunters and others buy online and use right away

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JEFFERSON CITY Mo – The Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) e-Permit system enables hunters, anglers and trappers to purchase, print and immediately use all Missouri sport-hunting and sport-fishing permits, along with trapping permits and the Apprentice Hunter Authorization. Commercial permits and lifetime permits will continue to be sold through MDC’s Central Office by calling 573-751-4115.

Hunters, anglers and trappers can buy e-Permits online at and print the paper permits 24/7 anywhere they have access to a computer and printer.

Hunters, anglers and trappers can still buy permits from vendors, and by phone by calling toll-free 1-800-392-4115. Phone purchases are subject to a $2 processing fee and require up to a two-week wait time to receive the permits through U.S. mail. The fee for e-Permits is $1. There is no additional fee for permits purchased from vendors.

Deer and turkey tagging procedures have changed with e-Permits. The key information to remember is, “Bag it. Notch it. Tag it. Check it.”

Hunters, anglers and trappers are encouraged to put their paper e-Permits inside zipper-type sandwich bags to help protect them from moisture and other damage.

Deer and turkey e-Permits do not include a removable transportation tag. Instead, the permit itself is the transportation tag. Deer and turkey permits have months printed along one edge and dates on another edge. Hunters must notch the month and day as part of recording their harvested game. A sharp knife works well to notch permits.

Hunters must then tag their game by attaching the protected permit to their harvested deer or turkey. String, twist-ties, wire, plastic cable ties or tape work well for this step.

Deer and turkey hunters must continue to check harvested animals by phone or online through MDC’s Telecheck system.

Hunters, anglers and trappers can save e-Permits on their computers and print extra copies in case one is lost or ruined. As always, permits may not be shared, and additional copies of a permit do not provide additional valid permits for the buyer or others to use.

For more information or to buy e-Permits, visit