MDC’s Diversity in Birding Week culminates May 7 with chance to see live raptors in Tower Grove Park

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St. LOUIS, Mo.—The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is hosting Diversity in Birding Week now through May 7.  This week will be a celebration of the diversity in both people and birds.  The series of birdwatching events and programs will culminate this Saturday, May 7 with two Raptors Live programs, presented in Tower Grove Park by the World Bird Sanctuary (WBS).  

If you’ve ever wondered exactly what makes a bird a raptor, and why they are different from other birds, this program will revel those answers.  WBS experts will bring live raptor ambassadors for visitors to see up close.  They’ll explain how these avians are so elegantly adapted to be the supreme hunters of the sky.  They’ll also explore other amazing aspects of raptors, such as where they live and what kinds are found in Missouri. 

Participants should bring cameras to take advantage of this unique chance at a close encounter with these birds of prey.  The programs will be held at the Stupp Center in Tower Grove Park.

Both sessions of Raptors Live will be free and open to all ages.  Advanced registration is required at the following links.  Participants should pick the one that works best for them.

These programs are free thanks to a cooperative education agreement between WBS and MDC.

Come early or stay around after the Raptors Live programs to celebrate Diversity in Birding Week with other bird-themed activities and discover ways that raptors and songbirds connect to our world. 

Tower Grove Park is an important stopover point for migrating birds of all sorts, especially in the spring.  Visitors will find stations to help them sharpen bird identification skills, and mimic how birds eat at the Eat Like a Bird station.  Test your expertise at matching birds to their preferred habitat, and guessing what birds are making the “mystery sounds”.  Learn how dimming lights at night can help our migrating birds too.  All activities are free with no registration required and open to the whole family. 

Tower Grove Park is in the heart of the City of St. Louis at 4257 Northeast Drive.  It lies between Kingshighway and Grand Boulevards.

Program registrants should note that families now have the option to link their children’s accounts to their own which will streamline the program registration process. Once a group account is set up, parents will be able to register their children to an event without having to logoff and login for each person. This allows parents to register an entire family or select family members to an event at the same time.

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