MDC welcomes new wildlife management biologist to southeast Missouri

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) welcomes a new wildlife management biologist, Ryan Dirnberger, to the River Hills and Crowley's Ridge districts. Dirnberger is based out of the MDC's Perryville Forestry Office, although his responsibilities include managing conservation areas in Cape Girardeau, Perry, Scott, Ste. Genevieve, and Stoddard counties.

Matt Bowyer, MDC wildlife regional supervisor, said Dirnberger will also be an asset to the community as a resource to answer wildlife and habitat questions.

Dirnberger earned his B.S. Degree in Wildlife Conservation Biology from Southeast Missouri State University. After obtaining his degree, he worked part time for the MDC's Fisheries and Resource Science Divisions in the southeast region before being hired as a resource science assistant in Chillicothe.

In Chillicothe, Dirnberger worked as a crew leader for large river sampling on the Missouri River, supervised staff, and assisted with public events and educational programs. During this time, Dirnberger also produced a report on the growth of sauger that was later published in the American Journal of Fisheries Management.

In 2010, Dirnberger transferred to the MDC's Wildlife Division and gained experience in the management of wildlife habitats as a resource assistant at Duck Creek Conservation Area. In the last four years, he has worked at Duck Creek carrying out numerous management practices on the wetland and upland habitats.

Over the years, Dirnberger has worked additional assignments doing urban deer surveys, waterfowl banding, dove banding, elk trapping, quail surveys, and swamp rabbit surveys. He has worked hard to obtain additional training in areas that add to his skill set as a manager, including certification as a Missouri Prescribed Fire Burn Boss and burn planner. He has federal certifications as a Fire Fighter Type 2 and is chainsaw certified as a Faller Type A. During his time at Duck Creek, Dirnberger became known for always being one of the first to volunteer to help other districts and divisions in their time of need. He has repeatedly taken advantage of opportunities to cross train with other divisions including working with professional staff in Fisheries, Forestry, Resource Science and Private Lands Divisions.

"This desire to grow professionally as a biologist combined with a strong work ethic, great teamwork, and a broad background of on the ground management and monitoring practices will benefit Dirnberger greatly as a wildlife management biologist," Bowyer said.

"I am really excited to improve habitat on our conservation areas and work with landowners in the River Hills and Crowley's Ridge districts," Dirnberger said.

Dirnberger may be reached at the Perryville Forestry Office at 573-547-4537. He currently resides in Chaffee with his fiancée, Lora Brewer.