MDC, volunteers remove more than 50 bags of litter during Bashin’ Trash community event

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently teamed up with Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department and 127 volunteers to collect 52 bags of litter in just under two hours at Cape LaCroix Creek in Cape Girardeau.

MDC Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center Naturalist Angela Pierce said three truck tires, several bicycle tires, two bicycles, part of a shopping cart, discarded children’s toys, and other miscellaneous items were removed. The most common type of trash found, she said, were Styrofoam cups and plastic shopping bags.

“Bashin’ Trash is part of the city’s Friends of the Park Day,” said Pierce. “It is an excellent opportunity for citizens, youth groups, and scout groups to give back to their community. Everyone had a good time, especially the kids that were in the creek on a nice warm day!”

She said not only does the annual event help in beautifying Cape Girardeau, but it also benefits the plants and animals that inhabit the creek.

“Removing harmful trash from streams can help keep aquatic animals safe, said Pierce. “This creek runs along a portion of our recreational trail throughout the city. It’s important to put in the effort needed to keep it as a pristine creek for our own use, and for the wildlife within the city that need it.”

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