MDC Urban Woodsman event held on Feb. 22 in Kansas City

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Kansas City
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Kansas City, Mo. – The blue buckets hanging on the maple and walnut trees were a hint that a sweet treat was coming. Sure enough, homemade maple syrup and walnut syrup was served on camp stove-cooked pancakes when the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center held the annual Urban Woodsman event on Feb. 22 in Kansas City.

Visitors learned about making cordage from plant fibers, tree lore, firewood splitting techniques and safety. They tasted dessert treats made with pawpaw fruit. The program was all about trees and the ways people can use and enjoy them. Plus, they tried their hand at lighting a campfire using primitive skills such as flint and steel. The event drew more than 400 visitors.

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