MDC treats community lakes in Fayette for invasive species

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FAYETTE, Mo. — The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) treated two lakes in Fayette for eradication of invasive American lotus. MDC maintains D.C Rogers Lake and Peters Lake as part of the department’s Community Assistance Program.

MDC contracted with a local drone operator for aerial application of herbicide to the lakes in an efficient manner. Typically, MDC would use a boat to access and apply chemical treatment to these invasive plants. New drone technology allows staff to apply chemicals in shallower water that would be very difficult to access by boat.

“American lotus tends to spread rapidly in lakes, and can render large sections of a lake unusable,” said MDC Fisheries Management Biologist Scott Voney.

American lotus (Nelumbo lutea) is an aquatic plant that can provide ecological benefits in certain settings, but can quickly cover entire ponds, if left uncontrolled. Long stems support broad leaves above the water with single, light yellow flowers that bloom from June to September. Though the plant produces seeds, it spreads mainly by its thick rhizomes that grow along the pond bottom. Despite its ornamental qualities, American lotus should not be introduced into most fishing ponds.

MDC also manages Ricketts Lake in Fayette and plans to conduct chemical application via boat at that location at a future date.

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For more information about MDC’s management efforts at these and other CAP lakes in central Missouri, contact MDC Fisheries Management Biologist Brian McKeage at, or (573) 815-7901, ext. 2875.