MDC stocks rainbow trout at Sedalia's Liberty Park Pond

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Sedalia, Mo. – Rainbow trout are once again swimming in Liberty Park Pond in Sedalia. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently stocked 1,300 trout in the three-acre pond at Third and Park streets. Included in the stocking were 12 large, trophy-sized trout that formerly served as brood stock at the MDC Bennett Spring Fish Hatchery.

Anglers with a valid Missouri fishing permit can fish for the trout on a catch-and-release basis through Jan. 31. All Missouri residents over age 15 and under 65 must have a valid fishing permit, and all non-residents over age 15 must have a fishing permit.

Beginning Feb. 1, anglers with valid fishing permits and a Missouri trout permit may keep up to four trout. Only artificial lures may be used, live or scented baits are not allowed.

MDC annually stocks rainbow trout in several urban lakes during winter to provide anglers with additional fishing opportunities. Trout need cold, clear water to survive and are not native to the Sedalia area. But ponds and small lakes are cool enough during winter to support trout. Anglers have a close-to-home chance to fish during the winter months.

Some anglers pursue trout with fly rods using small flies and jigs as lures. Others use spinning or spincasting rods and small lures such as spinners, spoons and jigs to catch trout.

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