MDC sites in St. Louis area join worldwide City Nature Challenge April 26-29 as host sites

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ST. LOUIS, Mo. — It’s not only a global economy, it’s a global ecology, too. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) joins the rest of the St. Louis metro area in the worldwide City Nature Challenge. St. Louis is one of more than 160 cities around the globe to take on the challenge. There are 12 MDC locations in the St. Louis region that will be host sites for the four-day event, which takes place Friday, April 26--Monday, April 29.

This innovative effort will enable people to become citizen scientists, so they can observe and record as many species of plants, birds and animals as possible during the four-day period. The objective is to create a snapshot of the biodiversity that can be found around the metro area, including wild plants, insects, birds, and mammals, fish, frogs, fungi, and other forms of life.

There is no cost to take part in the City Nature Challenge, but MDC recommends taking the following steps:

  1. Download the free iNaturalist app, available for iPhone or Android at
  2. Join the 2019 St. Louis City Nature Challenge project at
  3. Visit one or more of the MDC sites listed below during the challenge period; take photos or record sounds of as many diverse plants and animals as possible
  4. Upload photos, sounds and information into the St. Louis City Nature Challenge project. All data participants collect will provide scientists a better idea of the biodiversity living in the area.

The following conservation areas and MDC sites will be part of the event:

  • Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, Kirkwood
  • Columbia Bottom Conservation Area, Spanish Lake
  • Rockwoods Reservation, Wildwood
  • August G. Beckemeier Conservation Area, Chesterfield
  • Phantom Forest Conservation Area, Des Peres
  • Bittersweet Woods Conservation Area, Des Peres
  • Hickory Woods Conservation Area, Bridgeton
  • Roger Klamberg Woods Conservation Area, Ellisville
  • Claire Gempp Davidson Claire Gempp Memorial Wildlife Area, Sunset Hills
  • Labarque Creek Conservation Area, Jefferson County
  • Young Conservation Area, Jefferson County
  • Glassberg Family Conservation Area, Jefferson County

Visit the online MDC atlas at to find details, locations, maps, and directions for each location.

In addition to visiting the MDC sites listed, participants can also take the challenge in backyards, local parks, other conservation areas, or at any outdoor location across the bi-state area.

Citizens can make a real difference by collecting valuable information and contributing to a larger, world-wide effort.