MDC requires nontoxic shot on many public hunting areas

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Kansas City, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds hunters using shotguns that shells with nontoxic shot are now required to be used on many public conservation areas. Waterfowl hunters have used nontoxic shot since 1991 because the requirement has been shown to reduce the incidences of lead poisoning in wildlife. New regulations approved by the Missouri Conservation Commission became effective this year that add more conservation areas to the requirement.

Several conservation areas in the Kansas City and northwest regions are included in the new regulations. The use or possession of lead shot is now prohibited for dove hunting at MDC conservation areas in those regions, including: Bilby Ranch Lake, Harmony Mission Lake, Guy B. Park, Pony Express Lake, James A. Reed Memorial Wildlife Area, and Truman Reservoir Management Lands.

In addition, the use or possession of lead shot is now prohibited for all hunting with shotguns for all wildlife species on several conservation areas. These are commonly conservation areas that are flood prone. Among those in the Kansas City and northwest regions: Aspinwall Bend, Bob Brown, Cooley Lake, Corning, Deroin Bend, Fountain Grove, Four Rivers, Grand Pass, Little Bean Marsh, Lower Hamburg Bend, Montrose, Nishnabotna, Nodaway Valley, Ralph and Martha Perry, Platte Falls, Plowboy Bend, Rush Bottoms, Schell Osage, Settles Ford, Thurnau, and Wolf Creek Bend.

MDC provides some of the best public hunting opportunities in the nation on conservation areas. Many areas do have specific regulations on what type of hunting is allowed, where hunting is allowed, what type of archery or firearm methods may be used, and shotgun shell shot requirements. Hunters should check out the regulations and boundaries ahead of a hunt for each area they visit. Useful information is also available on what types of habitat and wild game are found on an area.

MDC also offers free Effective Wingshooting workshops that can help hunters best use the various types of nontoxic shot. These classes teach the safe and accurate handling of shotguns for hunting wild game. But the workshops also provide information about the various types of nontoxic shot, shot sizes, gauges, and shell loads for hunting various types of game.

Nontoxic shot is safer for wildlife and the natural areas that people enjoy. For more information about MDC’s new nontoxic shot regulations, visit MDC’s MO Hunting app provides multiple services for hunters on digital devices including information about seasons, permits, regulations, and areas. To use the app, visit

Information about MDC’s free Effective Wingshooting workshops is at The page also includes listings for some of the upcoming workshops.

For example, an Effective Wingshooting workshop is scheduled for 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday, Aug. 24, at the Pony Express Conservation Area near Osborn. To register for that class, visit