MDC renovations at Amarugia Lake will improve fishing

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ARCHIE, Mo. -- Major renovations are slated to begin this autumn for Amarugia Lake in Cass County, which will prompt closure of the 45-acre lake until the project is complete.

"Poor fish populations and excessive aquatic vegetation have plagued the lake at the Missouri Department of Conservation's (MDC) Amarugia Highlands Conservation Area for many years," said MDC Fisheries Biologist Bob Mattucks. "The improvements will establish a long-term, high-quality fishery for anglers."

Mattucks added that the lake is too shallow in many places for prime fish habitat so the lake will be closed to fishing this fall and allowed to dry. Crews will use heavy equipment to dig out silt and deepen the lake bed. Structures that provide good fish habitat such as large rocks, gravel and brush piles will be added. Then the lake will be allowed to refill.

Largemouth bass, bluegill, redear sunfish, channel catfish and fathead minnows will be stocked in the renovated lake and allowed to grow. When the fish have reached catchable size, the lake will reopen to fishing.

The complete renovation from closure to reopening is expected to take five years. That period involves both construction and a buildup of a sustainable, high-quality fishery once the lake refills.

For more information, contact the MDC Kansas City Regional Office at 816-622-0900.