MDC offers revised “Wild Mammals of Missouri” reference book

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JEFFERSON CITY, MO. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering for sale a newly revised, third-edition of the popular “The Wild Mammals of Missouri” reference book by Charles and Elizabeth Schwartz. The new edition covers 72 species of native mammals and includes updated species distribution information and range maps, trapping records, revised common and scientific names, county-level distribution information, new resident species such as elk and the Seminole bat, range expansion of Missouri black bears and nine-banded armadillos, and confirmed mountain lion sightings.

Since its initial publication in 1959, “The Wild Mammals of Missouri” has become a definitive guide to identification of native mammals and continues to be a source of abundant information. Charles Schwartz’s meticulously rendered drawings capture the spirit of his original 68 subjects while remaining technically accurate. The drawings range from full portraits to illustrations of skulls, tracks, and other identifying characteristics. The new edition adds illustrations by MDC Artist Mark Raithel on elk and other newly included species.

The popularity of this work as a college textbook and general reference book, and a desire to contain the most current and accurate information, led to two previous revisions in 1981 and 2001.

“The Wild Mammals of Missouri” reference book is available for $49.95 at MDC nature centers and through its online Nature Shop at