MDC offers free wild jellies classes June 17 at Warsaw and June 30 at Clinton

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Warsaw, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) will offer free classes on how to make wild jellies from native spring flowers. The classes will teach how to identify, harvest, and prepare jellies and other wild edibles from flowers produced by dandelions and wild violet, as well as flowers from redbud trees and elderberry shrubs. Four sessions will be offered at MDC’s Lost Valley Fish Hatchery in Warsaw on Saturday, June 17. Three sessions will be offered at MDC’s Clinton Office on Saturday, June 30. 

“There is a bounty of wild food available in Missouri throughout the year,” said Ginger Miller, MDC conservation educator. “Come learn how and when to make beautiful wildflower jellies with us.”

Registration is required for these classes, which are open to all ages.

MDC’s staff offers a variety of classes year-round to connect people with nature, from foraging for wild edibles to catching fish for table fare. To check out offerings in your area, visit MDC Events at Events | Missouri Department of Conservation (