MDC offers free Urban Woods program Feb. 19 in Kansas City

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Kansas City
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Kansas City, Mo. – Being handy with an ax is not just for loggers. Those who enjoy a hearty fireplace fire or a winter outdoor campfire benefit from good wood chopping techniques, too. Get some tips about making firewood and other outdoor skills when the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) presents the free Urban Woods program from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 19, at the Anita B. Gorman Discovery Center in Kansas City.

This annual event celebrates wood products and skills people can employ on their own property. Making syrup from trees such as maple and walnut will be covered. Winter camping skills such as wood splitting and fire starting will be demonstrated along with other outdoor skills. The event is open to all ages and does not require registration.

MDC’s Urban Woods program will include indoor exhibits and activities and outdoor demonstrations. The majority of activities will be outdoors in the Discovery Center’s native plant garden. Participants should dress for the weather. COVID-19 precautions will be followed.

For more information about the Gorman Discovery Center at 4750 Troost Ave., call 816-759-7300 or visit