MDC offers free classes on edible blooms April 18 and mushrooms April 29 at Blue Springs

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Kansas City, Mo. – Spring blooms and fungi offer wild edibles. Join the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for free classes on early season foraging at the Burr Oak Woods Nature Center in Blue Springs. Learn about edible blooms on flowers, shrubs, and trees from 1 to 3 p.m. on Tuesday, April 18. A class on mushroom hunting will be offered from 1 to 3 p.m. on Saturday, April 29. Registration is required for both classes and COVID-19 safety precautions will be observed.

Teas and jams are some of the edibles that can be made from spring blooms. Redbud flowers, for example, can be used for both. Instructors will discuss what plants produce blooms that can be used, how to identify them, and reference resources for recipes. The class is open to all ages. To register, visit

Morels are the most sought-after fungi when rains and warmth make mushrooms pop up in forests and woodlands. But other wild mushrooms can also be used in cooking. It’s important though to know which species are safe and which are not. This class will touch on where to look for mushrooms and how to identify them. Brittany Martinez, president of the KC Mycological Society will speak and answer questions. After discussion, participants will fan out in the forest at Burr Oak Woods to look for mushrooms. This class is open to all ages. To register, visit

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