MDC, NWTF partnered with Stars and Stripes Museum for JAKES event in Bloomfield

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BLOOMFIELD, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC), National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and the Stars and Stripes Museum partnered to present a JAKES (Juniors Acquiring Knowledge, Ethics and Sportsmanship) event in Bloomfield June 10. Conservation Agent Michael Collins said the event hosted 40 children, thanks in part to pleasant weather.

Conservation agents and other MDC employees often partner with NWTF on JAKES events because the two organizations have similar goals to promote conservation. The JAKES program began in 1981 when NWTF saw a need to get youth outdoors and began the program with a dedication to inform, educate and involve youth in wildlife conservation and wise stewardship of natural resources. Through this program, NWTF chapters provide youth ages 12 and younger chances to explore their outdoor world through fun events that help pass on the traditions of responsible hunting, teach the principles of habitat management, hunting ethics and safety.

At the JAKES event Saturday, MDC staff and volunteers led trap shooting with firearm safety, archery and turkey biology sessions. The youngest participants used pellet guns, according to Collins. Other stations hosted by NWTF included primitive skills with hatchets and sling shots and a tour of the museum. Participants also visited with Smokey Bear.

“This was a great partnership with NWTF and the museum where these kids all gained an appreciation for hunting and conservation while learning quite a bit about safety throughout the day,” Collins said.

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