MDC improves fish habitat at Mozingo Lake near Maryville

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Maryville, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently improved fish habitat in Mozingo Lake near Maryville by sinking brush piles in the lake. The habitat work is a partnership between the city of Maryville, which owns the lake, and MDC, which manages the fishery.

“Hard woody cover is an important habitat for fish in reservoirs,” said Tory Mason, MDC fisheries biologist. “But as reservoirs age, the cover deteriorates, so adding brush piles to aging reservoirs helps the overall health of the fishery.”

MDC staff added about 40 new brush piles to the lake. Hardwood trees such as locust and Osage orange were tied together and weighted down, hauled out onto the lake on a barge, and sunk in strategic places to benefit fish.

“Brush piles concentrate fish, like crappie for instance,” Mason said. “These brush piles will help anglers find and harvest crappie and other fish more efficiently. Brush piles also help with the recruitment of juvenile fish of all species. They provide fish with shelter and a place to feed. Baitfish will be attracted to the new structure, and predators are provided an ambush point to feed efficiently.”

Anglers will be able to find the brush piles using GPS apps once those points have been added to MDC’s MO Fishing app. For more information on the MO Fishing app, visit

Mozingo Lake is a 1,006-acre reservoir that supplies water for the city of Maryville. Sport fish in the lake include largemouth bass, bluegill, channel catfish, and walleye. The city operates the Mozingo Lake Recreation Park with camping, boat ramps, a motel, and other services on acres surrounding the lake. For more information, visit Mozingo Lake Recreation Park - Maryville, MO.