MDC encourages homeowners to check their trees for storm damage

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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. – As heavy snowfall has impacted the region recently, trees around northeastern Missouri may be damaged under the weight of the snow or the strength of the wind. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds homeowners to check their trees for any damage from the recent winter weather.

Storm damage to trees can lead to structural issues with the tree which may pose a threat to your property. Maintaining your trees regularly each winter helps to ensure that any changes to the integrity of a tree are noticed quickly, and it is important to check on the stability of your trees post-storm.

Foresters with MDC suggest walking your property and searching for damaged trees or branches post-storm. Be sure to check for live power lines before approaching any damaged or downed trees; If there are power lines running through the damaged tree, do not approach the area. Instead, call experts to safely remove the debris.

For trees that are not entirely downed, check how extensive the damage is – if over 50% of the crown of the tree and the root systems are still intact, then the tree is worth saving. Remove any compromised limbs, and do not severely prune the tree as this may weaken the tree.

If you have questions about the integrity of a tree, contact a certified professional arborist. You can also contact your local MDC forester with any questions regarding managing trees on your property. Find a list of local MDC contacts at