MDC conducts Discover Nature—Fishing workshop for teachers Nov. 2 at Shaw Nature Reserve

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GRAY SUMMIT, Mo.— Even though winter is approaching, for teachers wanting to teach their students fishing skills, now is the perfect time to get ready for those spring fishing field experiences. 

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wants to help families and kids learn how to fish through its Discover Nature—Fishing (DNF) program.  To expand the reach of the program, MDC is offering a DNF Educator Training Workshop designed specifically for teachers that will enable them to integrate fishing into their school curricula.  The workshop will be held Thursday, Nov. 2 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Shaw Nature Reserve in Gray Summit.

“Fishing is a great way to engage students in outdoor pursuits and in learning about conservation. The DNF unit can be integrated into school curriculum to provide instruction that helps students gain the skills and confidence to go fishing on their own,” said MDC Conservation Educator Conrad Mallady.

DNF consists of four progressive lessons that move newcomers through all the basics of the sport.  DNF students learn about fishing equipment, casting, rigging a fishing rod, baiting a hook, and proper handling of fish. They’ll get to know fish identification, fish habitat, and how to stock a basic tackle box. 

This DNF Educator Training Workshop will show teachers how to conduct the four DNF lessons, how to use DNF equipment, and how to schedule a fishing field trip.  A DNF Fishing Instructor Guide will be provided and is designed to help teachers teach students basic fishing skills. Detailed teaching strategies and instructional best practices are included throughout the lessons to help educators engage students mentally and physically and guide them toward mastering key fishing skills. 

Teachers from public and private schools will become eligible to obtain DNF teaching kits with all necessary equipment, including fishing poles and equipment to conduct the four DNF lessons.  Participants will also learn how to participate in the DNF schools’ transportation grant program.  Possession of a current Missouri fishing permit is required for teachers/educators under the age of 65 to attend this workshop.

The DNF Educator Training Workshop is free to teachers and educators, but advance online registration is required.  To sign up, go to the MDC Teacher Portal at and log in with account credentials.  To create a new account, go to

For more information, contact MDC Conservation Educator Conrad Mallady at 314-577-9555, ext. 76044, or

Shaw Nature Reserve is located at 307 Pinetum Loop Road, off I-44 exit #253 in Gray Summit.

To find out more about the DNF program, visit