MDC awards St. Louis Regional Logger of the Year to Jarvis Timber Co. of Mineral Point

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BLOOMSDALE, Mo.—The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) recently awarded the 2022 St. Louis Regional Logger of the Year award to Jarvis Timber Company.  The logging company, based out of Mineral Point, has consistently shown a high degree of professionalism, dedication to sustainable logging practices, and an emphasis on safety.

MDC Forester Matt Pilz presented the award this week to owner Shannon Jarvis and his crew while on a jobsite near Bloomsdale.  Pilz also nominated the company for the recognition, having worked with them several times in the past.

“I worked very closely with Shannon on a timber sale at Pea Ridge Conservation Area over the past year, and he and his crew did an outstanding job.  Those guys are just real professional.  They know what the standard for a timber sale should be, and they far exceed those standards,” said Pilz.

Pilz noted that the Pea Ridge job in particular produced a significant amount of slashing in shelterwood stands and along a highway.  The contract specified that slashing be four feet or less, but the Jarvis crew consistently cut it much lower to the ground than required. 

“This not only has prepped the site for good unimpeded regeneration but has also the left the stands very aesthetically pleasing,” Pilz said.

In addition to commemorative framed certificates, each member of the Jarvis crew received a complete woodcutter’s safety pack consisting of a helmet system, gloves, safety glasses and chainsaw chaps.

“I’m very appreciative of a great crew.  I’ve had them for a long time, and they mean the world to me,” said Jarvis.  Jarvis described himself as a 5th generation logger and remembers getting a start working in the field with his grandfather.

The Regional Logger Award is given to the logger that has demonstrated the ability to carry out a timber harvest in a manner that causes the least impact to the remaining resources on site.  The award recognizes loggers who practice low impact logging and maintain excellent relationship with foresters.  The extra time and effort they take help to make use of forest resources while preserving those resources for future generations.

“Shannon and his crew always do a very clean and exceptional job.  He’s been a master logger for a number of years and having that level of certification and that amount of experience really shows in the woods with what he does,” Pilz added.

“My favorite part of the job is that you’re out in the woods, in nature.  People come to the woods to go on vacation, but we do it every day.  It’s almost like a vacation, other than the work part,” said Jarvis.

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