MDC agents rescue deer tangled in soccer net in Kansas City

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Kansas City
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Kansas City, Mo. – A white-tailed deer was recently rescued by Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) agents after its antlers became entangled in the netting of a backyard soccer goal. On Sept. 21, Conservation Agent Alex Walker responded to a call at a residence in Clay County in the Northland area of Kansas City. A young buck deer had both antlers and its head tangled in the net.

The deer had dragged the net and goal frame from the yard into a creek at the back of the property. Walker tried to free the deer but it was thrashing and kicking dangerously when he got close. Conservation Agent Aaron Post arrived from nearby Platte County to assist. Together they wrestled the deer to the ground and stabilized it, then they cut the net away from the antlers.

Once freed from the net, the young buck ran off into a nearby wooded area without injury. Walker and Post were muddy and soaking wet, but happy.

“We were glad to see the deer take off without missing a beat,” Walker said.

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