March 2011 Conservation Action

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Conservation Action

March 2011

The Conservation Commission met March 3 and 4 at Conservation Department Headquarters in Jefferson City Commissioners present were:

Becky L. Plattner, Grand Pass, Chair

Don R. Johnson, Festus, Vice Chair

Don C. Bedell, Sikeston, Secretary

William F. “Chip” McGeehan, Marshfield, Member


The Commission approved recommendations from the Regulations Committee to:

• Prohibit planting seeds on conservation areas (CAs) to reduce the risk of introducing exotic plants.

• Exempt persons with autism and certain other disabilities that prevent them from passing the hunter education certification test from hunter-education requirements. Exemptions are to be granted on a case-by-case basis after applicants have taken the hunter-education course and taken the test twice, failing both times. Persons hunting under this exemption must be accompanied by a licensed hunter.

• Change regulations on specific conservation areas.


The Commission received presentations from:

• Division Chief Mike Hubbard regarding Private Land Services Division.

• Grassland Bird Coordinator Max Alleger regarding quail focus areas and quail emphasis areas.

• Project Coordinator Ron Dent regarding the elk-restoration project.

The Commission also:

• Approved entering into a contract with Split Rock Studios, of Arden Hills, Minnesota, for the construction of the Burr Oak Woods Conservation Nature Center Phase I Exhibit Renovation located in Jackson County, at a total estimated cost of $259,794.

• Approved accepting the donation of two tracts of land, consisting of approximately 30.95 acres and 52.63 acres, respectively, in Stoddard County as an addition to the Duck Creek Conservation Area.

• Suspended hunting and/or fishing privileges of 15 Missouri residents and one nonresident for Wildlife Code violations and affirmed actions taken by Missouri courts suspending privileges of one Missouri resident. Those whose privileges were suspended are:

Robbie D. Acklin, Ava, all sport privileges, 1 year

Jesse R. Alverson, Sedalia, all sport privileges, 1 year

Mike E. Boyer, Winona, all sport privileges, 1 year

Anthony R. Cantrell, Webb City, all sport privileges, 1 year

William J. Daniel, Clinton, all sport privileges, 1 year

Jeremiah C. Dickson, Winona, all sport privileges, 4 years

Billy J. Duncan, Summersville, all sport privileges, 1 year

Gary L. Fulk, Arbela, all sport privileges, 3 years

Walter C. Jackson, Independence, all sport privileges, 1 year

Edward P. Johnson, Mt. Vernon, all sport privileges, 1 year

Tanner J. Morrison, Humansville, all sport privileges, 1 year

Alan C. Murray, Paragould, Ark., all sport privileges, 1 year

Matthew E. Myers, Anderson, all sport privileges, 6 months

Lindell G. Reed, Blue Springs, all sport privileges, 1 year

Arley F. Steenrod, Versailles, all sport privileges, 1 year

Jamie D. Vitale, Lebanon, all sport privileges, 1 year

James D. Winn, Hannibal, hunting and fishing, until Dec. 22, 2012.

• Approved the suspension or revocation of all hunting and fishing privileges of 173 people who are not in compliance with applicable child support laws.

• Suspended privileges of one Missouri resident and 174 nonresidents under the provisions of the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact.

• Imposed hunting privilege suspensions of one to two years for two Missouri residents who injured other persons in hunting incidents. The hunters must complete a hunter-education training course before restoration of privileges.

• Confirmed the next Conservation Commission meeting for April 14 and 15 in Jefferson City.

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This document is provided for public information only and is not an official record of the Missouri Department of Conservation or Missouri Conservation Commission.