Lincoln County landowner nationally recognized for 25 years of forest management

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Lincoln Co, Mo. — The Missouri Tree Farm Committee recognized a Lincoln county landowner for his 25 years of good forest management and involvement in the American Tree Farm System.

Property owned by Joe Veras is enrolled in the American Tree Farm System and meets the highest standards of sustainability and good stewardship for the future. Through his tenure and actions, Joe has demonstrated commitment to the four cornerstones of wood, water, wildlife and recreation that make up the American Tree Farm System.

“Landowners interested in improving their property for wildlife or potential revenue from timber sales are encouraged to look into the American Tree Farm System” said Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Forester Brian Schweiss. “The program will put landowners in touch with resource professionals that can provide advice on practices to attract more deer and turkey, or what trees could be harvested and what to let grow for future timber sales. The ultimate goal is to work with landowners to maintain a healthy forest that meets their needs and the needs of future generations.”

With 96,000-family landowners nationwide, the American Tree Farm System represents the largest group of private landowners in America. Family forest landowners manage and own 35 percent of America’s forests.

In Missouri, private landowners own 83% of the forests. These forests are critical for clean water, wildlife habitat and wood products in Missouri.

For more information on the American Tree Farm System contact Schweiss at 573-522-4115 ext. 3129 or go online to