Lincoln County Conservation Agent Nick Bommarito named Ducks Unlimited Missouri Flyway Waterfowl Protection Officer of the Year

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COLUMBIA, Mo.—Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) Agent Nick Bommarito has earned the 2021 Missouri Flyway Waterfowl Protection Officer of the Year Award, presented by the Missouri Chapter of Ducks Unlimited (DU).  The award is given each year to one enforcement agent for doing outstanding work related to waterfowl protection, hunting, and education within the Mississippi Flyway.

Agent Bommarito, currently serving in Lincoln County, received the honor March 19 during the Missouri DU 2022 State Convention held at the Stoney Creek Hotel in Columbia.

According to MDC Protection District Supervisor, Lt. Kevin Eulinger, Bommarito was nominated for the award for a number of reasons, including exemplary work in wetland protection, with hunters and waterfowl organizations, educating youth, and enforcing hunting regulations.

“Nick has a passion for waterfowl, and he is a tremendous asset in the region.  Nick is a positive, hard-working, and dedicated law enforcement professional,” said Eulinger.

Eulinger pointed out that due to Agent Bommarito’s expertise gained working previously in Missouri’s largest waterfowl management areas, duck club owners throughout Lincoln County repeatedly sought him out for advice and assistance.  He has also aided MDC biologists with waterfowl management duties such as duck banding.

Agent Bommarito currently is a member of Ducks Unlimited and is involved with local chapters and banquets. Agent Bommarito is also heavily engaged with the Delta Waterfowl Arch Chapter.  

Agent Bommarito is always enthusiastic about helping young waterfowl hunters get started.  Lieutenant Eulinger said that Agent Bommarito spoke to over 90 participants at a Delta Waterfowl youth event in St. Louis about waterfowl hunting safety, hunting regulations, and waterfowl identification.  This was one of many youth events and mentoring activities Agent Bommarito participated in during the past year.

Agent Bommarito also showed outstanding dedication in his law enforcement duties during 2021.  He issued 25 waterfowl related citations and 31 waterfowl related warnings and led the St. Louis region in waterfowl enforcement productivity.  “Agent Bommarito has a firm, but fair approach to waterfowl enforcement and always conducts himself with professionalism and integrity,” noted Lt. Eulinger.

“Conservation Agent Nicholas Bommarito has had an amazing year, protecting and conserving Missouri’s important waterfowl resources,” Lt. Eulinger said. 

“The combination of the ability to conduct waterfowl enforcement with ability to do really good programs for waterfowl education has certainly earned him this honor.”

Agent Bommarito assumed his posting as Lincoln County Conservation Agent in April of 2021.  He previously served in New Madrid County. 

According to DU, the Mississippi River is North America's greatest waterway and the most heavily used migration corridor for waterfowl and other birds.  It is more than 2,300 miles long with a watershed of over 1.5 million square miles.