Learn how to eat well outdoors at MDC cooking for camping and hiking class July 18

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WARRENTON, Mo.—Having food when venturing outdoors might be essential for survival.  Having good food is certainly essential for fun.  What’s the best way to prepare food when away from the comforts and conveniences of a modern kitchen?  What will you need to bring?  The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is offering a class that can help take the mystery out of making great meals in the wild.

Outdoor Cooking is a free class which will be held Monday, July 18, from 1-2:30 p.m. at Warrenton Pool Park.

Participants will learn how to cook outdoors whether they’re camping in one place for an extended period, or they need to keep things light while on the move.  Heat is crucial for cooking, and the program will cover various ways to start a fire.  It will look at different types of heat delivery options, including portable hiking and camping stoves.  Tools and utensils needed for cooking and baking in the field will also be addressed, along with other special considerations when prepping food outdoors.

The program will suggest what types of foods work best for outdoor cooking and explore the ingredients you’ll want to bring along.  Finally, there will be an actual hands-on cooking portion that will put everything into practice. 

Outdoor Cooking is a free program open to all ages, but advanced online registration is required at https://short.mdc.mo.gov/4SG.

The Warrenton Pool Park Aquatic Center is located at 751 Warrior Avenue in Warrenton.

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