Learn about urban trees and wildlife with MDC June 22 in Kansas City

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Kansas City
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Staff from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and the Missouri River Bird Observatory invite anyone interested in urban trees and wildlife in Kansas City to join them for a free community program on Urban Trees and Wildlife on Saturday, June 22, from 10 a.m. to noon at the MDC Anita B Gorman Conservation Discovery Center, 4750 Troost Ave. in Kansas City.

MDC Community Forester Taylor Neff, MDC Urban Wildlife Biologist Chris Cain, and Tessa Poolman of Missouri River Bird Observatory will share information on Kansas City’s tree and wildlife species. The program will start in a classroom to discuss the most common yard and street-tree species, common tree problems, tree resources, species to plant, and urban wildlife basics. The program will conclude with birdwatching and tree identification tour as time permits.

Registration is required. Learn more and register at https://mdc-event-web.s3licensing.com/Event/EventDetails/201207