Franklin County to reopen St. Mary’s Road gate, restoring entrance to Chouteau Claim Access

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Mo.—The Franklin County Commission agreed on Tuesday to reopen the gate at the intersection of highway AH and St. Mary’s Road to restore public access to the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Chouteau Claim Access.

The access, which is owned and maintained by MDC, is located at the confluence of the Bourbeuse and Meramec Rivers in Franklin County. St. Mary’s Road is owned and maintained by the County.

Franklin County is considering a measure to vacate its ownership and maintenance responsibilities of St. Mary’s Road, which is the only entry to Chouteau Claim Access. The County Commission is now accepting public comment and input on the measure. They will keep the road accessible during the comment period.

State law allows a county to vacate roads for a variety of reasons. The Franklin County Commission is expected to vote on the measure in January.

Citizens who wish to provide input on the measure should contact the Franklin County Commission at 636-583-7323.

“Franklin County has been a valuable partner with MDC through a variety of different projects,” said MDC Deputy Director Aaron Jeffries. “We appreciate that the Franklin County Commission has agreed to reopen St. Mary’s Road for public use until the official decision is made by the County.”

MDC St. Louis Regional Administrator Julianne Stone added, “At this time, MDC has made no final decision regarding the disposition of Chouteau Claim Access. We are in ongoing communication with the County and will decide the most appropriate course of action once the situation is clarified.”

In addition to Chouteau Claim, the public can also use the following alternative accesses:

Bourbeuse River

Meramec River