Extended I-44 Antire ramp closure requires detours for Henges Shooting Range

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HIGH RIDGE, Mo — Due to road construction on I-44, shooters using the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) Jay Henges Shooting Range located at Antire Road should be aware that the entrance and exit ramps from westbound I-44 to Antire are now closed through September. They must continue to use detours to access or exit the range, depending on their direction of travel.

For shooters travelling west on I-44, the Antire Road Exit normally taken to reach the range is closed. Westbound traffic must take the next exit west, Lewis Road, then return to the highway heading east. The eastbound exit to Antire Road will be open to take drivers to the range. Upon leaving, drivers can get back onto I-44 heading east as usual.

Shooters travelling I-44 east to reach the range are able to take the Antire Road exit as usual. When leaving however, travellers heading west must first enter the interstate eastbound and travel to the Route 141 exit, the next exit east of Antire Road, then head back on I-44 west.

The Jay Henges Shooting Range will maintain its normal operating hours during construction.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) indicated that all detours are marked. MoDOT also said motorists will see lane shifts and narrowed lanes in the vicinity of Antire Road. Drivers are urged to stay alert for the orange signs and watch out for workers in this work zone.

The construction that closed the Antire ramps began June 1 with the ramps originally scheduled to reopen earlier this summer, prior to completion of the rest of the project.

According to MoDOT, the overall project is proceeding on schedule for a September conclusion. However, the need for additional repair work was discovered, which will delay the opening of the Antire ramps until the whole project is completed.

MoDOT and its contractor, Millstone Bangert, are conducting pavement repairs and resurfacing work on Interstate 44 from Lewis Road to Route 141, with a majority of it occurring at Antire Road.

The Jay Henges Shooting Range is owned and operated by MDC. It offers a state-of-the-art rifle/pistol range, shotgun patterning and trap shooting facilities, and a 3-D archery course at a cost of three dollars per hour or round of trap. More information about the range can be obtained by calling 636-938-9548.