Discover the facts about black bears at free MDC program Nov. 16 at Busch Conservation Area

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St. CHARLES, Mo.—Many people think of bears as only living deep in the remote Ozark forests of Missouri.  And for a long time, that was true.  Times are changing though, and so are the places where we can expect to see bears.  This includes right here in the St. Louis area.

To help the public learn about and understand these remarkable creatures better, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is holding a Missouri Black Bears free educational program Thursday, Nov. 16, from 11 a.m. -noon at the August. A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area in St. Charles.  The program will be held at the MDC St. Louis Regional Office and is open to ages 12 and up.

The species of bears which call Missouri home is the American black bear (Ursus americanus).  Black bears are one of the largest and heaviest wild mammals found in Missouri and can weigh in at several hundred pounds.

Once considered extirpated from the state, Missouri black bears are beginning to make an impressive comeback. Join MDC naturalists for insights into the complicated history of these fascinating mammals, and the research efforts which are helping them return to their former range. Participants will also learn how to reduce human-bear conflict as their numbers continue to grow.

Missouri Black Bears is a free event, however advanced online registration is required at

 The August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area is located at 2360 Route D, about two miles west of Highway 94. 

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