Cape Nature Center Christmas tree showcases natural beauty

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CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. – Stop by the Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center to get in the Christmas spirit and admire the center’s 12-foot Christmas tree. Positioned in the nature center lobby, the tree is decorated with handmade and natural ornaments and is themed this year as a tribute to ‘Our Big Year’ the nature center’s yearlong birding event.

“Every family seems to have different themes of ornaments on their tree, from homemade to popular movie themes,” said Jamie Koehler, assistant manager of the center. “We like to theme our tree decorations off what we’re passionate about, which is discovering nature.”

From wood carved ornaments to real taxidermy birds, the tree is a sight to see.

“People are surprised to see the owl on the tree, but some of the craftmanship that’s gone into the handmade ornaments is just breathtaking,” Koehler said, adding that nature center staff and volunteers made many of the ornaments themselves.

“Our staff and volunteers put a lot of planning, creativity and effort into this beautiful display each year and we love sharing it with the community and using it to show off the beauty of nature,” Koehler said.

To add a natural touch to your Christmas tree, consider painting pine cones, acorns and other natural items. Koehler said it’s surprising how many simple things you can gather in the woods or in a backyard and repurpose into decorations.

To view the tree, stop by the Cape Nature Center Tuesday through Saturday between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. For more information about the nature center go online to