Predator vs. Prey: Short-Tailed Shrew Vs Deer Mouse

By | March 30, 2016
From Xplor: January/February 2016

High-Energy Fuzz Ball

Shrews hunt constantly and burn energy so quickly that if they miss one meal they might die. When stressed, a shrew’s tiny heart can beat up to 1,300 times per minute.

Sonar Rover

Due to poor eyesight, a shrew sometimes just bumps right into its next meal. However, it can use high-pitched chirps, like a bat, to locate prey.

Tiny but Toxic

A shrew paralyzes prey with its fanglike teeth and poisonous saliva. It packs enough venom to kill 200 mice.

Mouse Missile

A deer mouse can zip along on just its hind feet, dragging its tail for balance. They’ve been clocked at 8 feet per second.

Hidden = Alive

To stay out of sight, deer mice often use tunnels and runways through tall grasses made by other mice and shrews. For a mouse, staying hidden means staying alive.

And the winner is…

The shrew’s venomous bite missed its mark, leaving it with only a mouthful of mouse fur. The lucky mouse left the shrew in the dust with a quick flick of its powerful back legs.

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