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From Missouri Conservationist: November 2018

Letters to the Editor

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September cover

The cover photo on your September 2018 issue is, so far, my favorite photo by Noppadol Paothong. All the beautiful detail and expression on the wood duck are beyond words. Thank you!

Trudy David, Pottersville

For the Love of Photos and Nature

I love your magazine! I look forward to the pictures by Noppadol Paothong. He takes the most amazing pictures and they are so beautiful. Thank you for teaching us about nature in our state.

Cheryl Landers La Tour

Peck Ranch

What a fine article about Peck Ranch in your September issue [Peck Ranch: A Drive-Through of Living History]. Years ago, I had the pleasure of deer hunting there several times. Back then, it was called Peck’s Wildlife Ranch (W.R.). I was fortunate to harvest a 10-point buck. During my trips to Peck’s W.R., I saw striped skunks and fox squirrels while hunting off old logging roads. I am 76 years old and my father received the Missouri Conservationist when I was in grade school, when it had a section on various Missouri mammal skull drawings and snow footprints on the last page. Good memories.

Dave Rohan Pacific

Fond Memories

Tears of gratitude arose in my eyes as I read the September issue’s Up Front [Page 3], remembering the world of memories family and friends have created, from early childhood to old age, as we fished; hunted for mushrooms, walnuts, blackberries; swam in the beautiful streams and pools; walked in the woods; and a lifetime of other memories.

Martha Kincaid St. Charles

What is it?

We love the What Is It? photo every month. It’s the first thing my husband and I flip to when the magazine arrives. Then we debate what it is. Is it an antenna from a bug? Is it a toenail from a turtle? We’re correct about 50 percent of the time, which only makes the reveal more fun. Thank you for that aspect of the magazine.

Madonna Laws-Lowell St. Louis County

Missouri Conservationist

I have gotten the Missouri Conservationist for years. You just keep getting better. I just loved the great outdoors as a young boy. I used to hunt squirrels most of the time. But a big part was just being out in the big old woods. Keep up the great work!

John Shipman Mount Vernon

When your magazine comes through the slot in my front door, all else comes to a halt. What will I learn that I didn’t already know? Articles on feral hogs, catfish, mussels, crayfish, snakes, turtles, etc. These articles are well written for people of all ages. And the photos are fantastic and appeal to and capture the attention of people too young to read or might not have time to stop and read. I keep the Missouri Conservationist and other wildlife magazines in our school library at Prairie  Elementary School in Prairie Village, Kansas. What a wonderful, informative, educational, colorful, well-written magazine.

David Wallace Overland Park, KS

I absolutely love getting the magazine on my iPad. It’s like having the magazine without using the paper and postage, and I never lose it. Thanks for all you do for our state’s wildlife and great outdoors in general.

Teresa Schlobohm via email

Thank you for your great magazine! The photos are amazing and articles so interesting, I am extremely impressed by the quality of the magazine. I’m not a hunter or an angler, but love to learn about conservation. I recommend the magazine to family and friends and always pass it on to others to enjoy. Please continue to educate and entertain us with this greatly valued magazine. I learn something new with every issue and appreciate your inclusion of kids articles.

Judy Sepac Manchester

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