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From Missouri Conservationist: Oct 2015

Submissions reflect readers’ opinions and may be edited for length and clarity.

Nature Lovers

The joy your magazine gifts to me moves me to write. I am a nature lover trapped in urbania. Your magazine is my respite.

Lynn Ricci, St. Louis

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed the articles Outdoor Kaleidoscope and Just Add Water in the August issue. I’m not a hunter or fisherman, but I do enjoy nature and the out-of-doors and appreciate the inclusion of these in your magazine. Thanks for all the work you do to raise awareness of our need to take care of our pretty blue planet.

Gloria Wethington, via email

Girls’ Hunter Ed

Thank you for the three wonderful days that my granddaughter Georgia spent at this year’s Girls’ Hunter Education Camp. She came home full of enthusiasm and new skills, as well as lots of happy experiences.

I hope that you will be able to continue this opportunity for many other girls. I am 83 and no longer hunt, except for our fine Missouri mushrooms. Georgia is my “bird dog” for chanterelles.

Also, it was good to meet our new Conservation Agent, Lexis Riter, at the camp. Things come full circle sometimes. When I graduated from college with a degree in zoology, neither Missouri nor Illinois employed women in that role. Change is good.

Nancy Hollingsworth, DeSoto

Crossbow Hunting

Your analysis of archery hunters dropping off in their 40s fits me to a tee. I would still be hunting if I could use a crossbow. My shoulder is ruined and I can’t pull a bow back. I went to the doctor to attempt to get a medical exemption, but it would have required more testing and it took the wind out of my sails. I gave up and was resolved that I would never hunt another archery season when all my cousins come to our farm in north Missouri to hunt. I have been the “bring the four wheeler or truck to pick up the buck” guy for about six years now. A crossbow would put me back in the stand.

Clint Woods, via Facebook

Editors’ Note:During its Aug. 19 meeting, the Conservation Commission gave initial approval for the use of crossbows for the 2016–2017 archery deer and turkey seasons. Missouri’s rule-making process includes a 30-day public comment period. Comments related to the proposed regulation changes can be submitted online Oct. 2–31 at on.mo.gov/1QqDR6Z. The proposed amendments will be posted on the Web page after Sept. 15. The Commission will make its final decision on these proposed changes at its December meeting. With final approval, the regulation changes would become effective in March 2016 and implemented for the 2016–2017 deer hunting seasons.

Restoration Project

My wife and I enjoyed the article on eastern collared lizards in the June issue of the Missouri Conservationist. We have begun a restoration project on 104 acres in Ozark County that includes two glade areas. We could not be happier with the cooperation of the Conservation Department and, in particular, our local Private Land Conservationist Christin Byrd. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Shawn and Christina Taylor, Tecumseh

Nature Centers

Just want to say how much I appreciate the programs available at the Runge Nature Center. I recently took a worm composting class and got to sort worms — how cool! I also went with Adventure Birding to look for nighthawks. We didn’t see any nighthawks, but we did hear a great crested flycatcher and saw bats and a possum. Learned about Missouri wildflowers. Had a great time. The volunteers are awesome.

Christie Lundy, via Facebook

Reader Photo

Sunrise, Sunset

Jeff Ingram, of St. Charles County, captured this image of the setting sun at B. K. Leach Memorial Conservation Area in Lincoln County while scouting for archery deer season. B.K. Leach, primarily a wetland area bordering the Mississippi River, provides many outdoor recreational opportunities, from fishing to hunting to bird watching.

Ingram is a science teacher and also teaches an elective class called Conservation and Ecology. “The class takes several field trips a year to conservation areas,” said Ingram. “Our Conservation Department has fantastic resources for teachers and any outdoor lover.”

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